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Greater Omaha



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Orders received by 8pm will be available for pick-up after 3pm T/Th/F.  Home delivery is available within the Western Suburbs T/Th.

3 bone slab from the plate.  AKA Dinosaur Ribs.  Black Angus Beef USDA Choice & Prime from Greater Omaha.

What are the best beef ribs?  The best cut of beef ribs comes from the short plate, and the ribs are called short ribs not because they are short in length, but because they come from what is called the short plate.  App 5.75* lbs.

Options Include:

  • 1ct Boneless Roast app 5.75 lbs* total.  USDA Choice & Prime.

Average weight 5.75 lbs, but range from 5-8 lbs.  if significantly different, a refund or additional charge will be issued.

      Individually vacuum packaged for extended shelf life and direct to freezer convenience.

      Cut fresh to order in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards. 

      *Cutting Steaks is an art and not a science.  Actual weights may vary.

      Preparation tips and recipes:

      National Cattlemen's Beef Association nutritional info and recipes

      Great article Dry Brining and Reverse Searing Steak

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