• Meet your meat guy

    I'm the 3rd generation of a Chicagoland restaurant family with roots back to the 1930's.

    I've honed my skills in the wholesale meat industry, Michelin starred restaurants, and everything in between.

    I look forward to bringing those experiences together here for the Home Chef.

  • Back then

    In 1954 my grandfather Gus Allgauer bought a Grand Championship Steer to promote his restaurants. "Shorty" was raised by a 16 year old Iowa 4H member and they later appeared together on the Ed Sullivan Show.

  • Today

    65 years later his grandkid is selling the best meat in town.

    Wet-Aged Black Angus Steaks.

    Compart Farms Duroc Pork.

    Prime Whole Packer Brisket.

    Prime Hamburger Patties.

    Fresh Jumbo Chicken Wings.

    And much, much more.

    Vacuum packaged for a longer shelf life & freezer ready

    - Kurt Allgauer

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