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Compart Family Farms

COMPART DUROC COMPETITION PORK - St Louis Ribs * Baby Back Ribs * Pork Collar * Pork Tenderloin

COMPART DUROC COMPETITION PORK - St Louis Ribs * Baby Back Ribs * Pork Collar * Pork Tenderloin

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Pork from Compart Family Farms.  This Heritage Breed Duroc Pork has a deeper color and more marbling, and hence more flavor than typical pork.  So much so, it is known as "The Black Angus of Pork".  Whether you grill for pleasure or smoke meats for competition, this is as good as pork gets!

Having more marbling than commodity pork, Duroc pork will cook faster, and benefit more from resting, like beef.  Whether it's ribs at home, shoulder for a local competition, or serious ribs for a big-time competition, we have you covered with all the options you need.  Duroc pork - Redder is Better!

Ribs & Collars are individually cryovac packaged.

Must be ordered in advance.  We receive Compart on Mondays.  Orders in by Thursday will be available in 2 Mondays (11 days later).  Allow a few more days if being shipped to you.  Competition ribs and pork collar are always frozen, Regular ribs are frozen but may be ordered fresh, you can add a note at check-out.  Other sizes may be available.

Ships to the midwest for just $19.95, other locations slightly more.  Free local pick-up in 60563.

Options include:

  • Baby Back Ribs.  2 lbs and under.  Peeled, skirt off. 12 racks, app 24 lbs total.*
  • Competition Baby Back Ribs.  2.5 lbs and up.  Staff is actually assigned to pull out the most visually appealing racks.  Membrane on, skirt off.  8 racks, app 20 lbs total.*.
  • St Louis Ribs.  2.5 lbs and under.  Peeled, skirt off.  12 racks app 33 lbs total*.
  • Competition St Louis Ribs.  3 lbs and up.  Hand picked for visual appeal.  Membrane on, skirt off.  8 racks, app 26 lbs total.*
  • Competition Pork Collar.  Technically, center-cut boneless pork butt.  Avg weight 5 lbs.  1/4" trim.  7 pieces, app 35 lbs total.*  Perfect combo of flavor and shortest cook time.
  • Pork Tenderloin.  Avg weight 1 lb.  10 pcs to a box app 10 lbs total.*
  • Bacon.  Avg weight 1 lb.  14-18 slices/lb.  12 lbs total.*

*Cutting meat is an art and not a science.  Actual weights may vary.

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