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Greater Omaha



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Orders received by 8pm will be available for pick-up after 3pm Wednesdays & Fridays.  Home delivery is available within the Western Suburbs Wednesdays & Fridays.

USDA Certified Prime Black Angus Beef.

Corn Belt Black Angus Whole Packer Brisket, (Flat, Point and fat cap on).  Boneless.  USDA Prime only.

Why choose our Greater Omaha Whole Packer Brisket?
  • Prime Black Angus Beef from the heartland. Grass raised, corn finished, always from within 250 miles of Omaha, Nebraska. The best climate and the best feed in the USA.  The 
  • In the original wrapper, original case, with a case pack date. When in the original wrapper with a known pack date, Brisket can be wet aged up to 60 days to enhance tenderness. Now you can control that process. You may not have to freeze any of it.
  • USDA Prime. The top 4% of all graded beef.  We only offer USDA Prime.  The higher marbling content of prime makes a big difference with brisket.
  • Halal certified


  • 1ct, USDA Prime, 13 pounds-ish*.  
  • 1ct, USDA Prime, 18 pounds-ish* 

If actual weight is under/over, an adjustment will be made and a refund or invoice sent for the difference.  This is highly likely, no two briskets are the same:)

Preparation tips and recipes:

We carry the amazing Shio Koji Rice Powder dry brine for meat.

National Cattlemen's Beef Association nutritional info and recipes

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